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27/9/23, 09:46

Could you provide me with the presentation? Email:
Kind regards, Wolfgang Türk

27/9/23, 09:43

Regarding Luxury companies e.g. LVMH: China is and had been a important market for the company. With especially younger Chinese people seem to prefer Chinese brands also in the Luxury space; don't you expect any scratches for their dominance in China?

27/9/23, 09:40

Why do you like LOMZA so much - there ist a lot of reshuffle in the Management, the Facilities for covid/Moderna are obsolet - and the stock is underperforming

27/9/23, 09:37

How are you able to reasses and react to your investment case, when a company changes/developes its businell model (like Lonza).

27/9/23, 09:36

A good indicator of the success of compunding companies is a great capital allocation policy over a huge period of time. Do you measure specific capital allocation decisions and if yes, how?

27/9/23, 09:35

Good morning gentlemen, thank you for this event. Could you give some thoughts on the overall and structural margin outlooks for companies overall? Do you see risk to record high margins through higher wages interest rates, de-globalisation? Thanks

27/9/23, 09:01

keine fragen

27/9/23, 09:00


27/9/23, 08:59

Welche Einschätzung haben Sie aktuell zu ASML & Nvidia?

27/9/23, 08:43

Test 27 Sep 2023

19/3/22, 23:30

Test Question

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