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14/2/23, 10:39

While I very much appreciate the quality of the companies in the portfoliom one should not ignore valuation as price and valuation regularly differs largely. Was'nt that the problem of the beginning of 2022. Considerung that quality has become everybodies darling, I wonder of valuations again look stretched?

14/2/23, 10:08

Die Tonqualität in Deutsch ist beeinträchtigt

14/2/23, 10:07

14/2/23, 10:06

Die Tonqualität ist sehr schlecht......

14/2/23, 10:02

Habe keinen Ton

14/2/23, 10:01

Gibt es technische Probleme? Ich bekomme immer noch den Hinweis "Could not parse media!

19/3/22, 23:30

Test Question

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